stamp of approval


Stamp of Approval

Stamp of Approval

  1. Paint the walls the base coat colour and let dry for 48 hours.

  2. Mark and measure the walls in 1 foot squares.

  3. Randomly choose squares to have texture from the squares that you have masked. Float drywall compound in the squares aprox. 1/8" -1/4" thick. Let this set so when you touch the drywall with your finger it isn't sticky. Approx. 2 -3 hours. Caution: if the drywall is too wet or dry you will not leave a good imprint with the stamp.

  4. Wipe front of the stamp with a damp cloth and press firmly in to the square with drywall compound. Repeat until the drywall squares are complete. Let dry 24 hours.

  5. Lightly sand drywall squares to soften sharp edges.

  6. Paint drywall squares and remaining squares with top coat. Let dry.

  7. Colour wash the lighter square with 1 part glazing liquid to 6 parts glaze, ensuring you leave some of the accent colour in the stamped area to highlight the relief. Pull off tape.

Paint & Tools:
Base Coat: 3I1-5
Top Coat: 4G1-1
Accent Colour: 2I1-6

Painters Tape 1670-784, Home Drywall Compound 1625-860/753, Chalk Line 1019-150, Measuring Tape 1048-342, Pencil 5743-305, Roller Kit 9" 1656-504 Beauti-Tone Latex Glaze 1824-280/299, Putty Knife 1630-275, Decorative Stamp