glass effects


Glass Effects

Glass Effects

The elegant look of stained glass. Try this easy and inexpensive technique on your bathroom windows and side lights for added privacy

  1. Choose a stained glass pattern. Reduce or enlarge it to fit the glass size. Note: Pattern should not be too intricate as this will make it difficult to trace with the caulking.

  2. To create lead line, cut 1/2" off the tip of the grey acrylic caulking. Put the tube in the gun. Place pattern on glass. Hold in place with spray adhesive or tape. On the opposite side of the glass, trace pattern with the acrylic caulking. Let dry 48 hours.

  3. To trim lead line, take the Exacto knife and trim caulking into straight lines of even width.

  4. Glass pattern: Work with silicone in a well ventilated area.

  5. Pebbled pattern: Spread clear silicone in the section that you want to have a pebbled glass effect. With a wire brush tap on the silicone, pulling it up into small raised peaks. Make sure to take the silicone to the edge of the caulking.

  6. To make the patterned frosted glass: Circular pattern: Using your finger or rubber end of a pencil, put a dab of clear silicone on the glass in a circular motion, similar to finger painting. Repeat this pattern until the section is filled.

Glass Effects   Glass Effects  Glass Effects