Explore the art of subtlety. Add definition and interest to your walls or floors.

  1. Paint wall base coat colour. Let dry for 48 hours.

  2. Using a level, mark off walls in squares and rectangles of different sizes.

  3. On paper, map out colour placement.

  4. You will be using 4 colours including the base coat, therefore you will have to decide what colour each of the squares should be.

  5. Mask off the square of one of the top coat colours with painter's tape.

  6. Mix glaze and paint in an 8 parts glaze to 1 part paint mixture.

  7. Using steel wool unroll pad and wrap tightly around a roller sleeve.Dragging

  8. Roll paint mixture into masked off square and drag steel wool from top of section to the bottom in one continuous stroke. Repeat until you are satisfied with the look. The more dragging you do, the softer the finished look will be.

  9. Repeat Steps 4 to 8 with the next 2 colours.

Paint & Tools:
Base Coat: Beauti-Tone 6J1-2
Dragging Colours: Beauti-Tone HD002 Trudeau, 5I3-4, 5I3-2

Steel Wool 1665-077,Beauti-Tone Glazing Liquid
1824-280/299, Level 1036-177, Pencil 5743-305, Painter's Tape 1670-105, Chalk Line 1019-150, Roller Kit and Extra Roller 1656-504, Brush 1612-605