exterior surface preparation


Exterior Surface Preparation

Three simple steps to ensure lasting beauty!

Boost curb appeal - check. Excellent return on investment - check. Love the look of your home - double check. Now that you have decided to use colour to add beauty to your home's exterior, make the equally wise decision to invest in the proper prep work. Ninety percent of all paint failures are due to improper or lack of prep work. Beat those odds and ensure a beautiful long lasting paint finish with the combination of proper prep and superior quality Beauti-Tone paint.

No doubt, prep work can be tedious. But, in the end, it's worth every second! Here are the proper prep steps:

Prep's three little words: clean, dry and dull.

Clean vinyl or aluminum siding with Heavy Duty Siding Cleaner (4520-986). Note: Never paint vinyl siding a darker colour than the original. Energy from the sun could cause the vinyl to warp.

Remove old, damaged or peeling paint and stain by scraping or sanding. (you know it and we know it - elbow grease!)

Banish the grey! Remove grey (deadwood fibres) with Wood Prep or Wood Restorer

Don't get fooled. Wood rot is not ‘antiqued', it's just rot! Always replace wood rot and decayed surfaces.

Mild...eww! Get rid of mildew with Natura Mildew Off (1874-401)

It's good to be dull. Scuff glossy surfaces with 120 grit sandpaper.

Small gestures mean a lot. Check and replace old caulking. It will improve appearance and save energy.

Select appropriate primer if required then choose a superior quality exterior paint. Like a nice, warm coat, Beauti-Tone Designer or Signature Series are formulated to withstand the extremes of the Canadian climate.