exterior painting


Exterior Painting

Colour is powerful, paint is protective and affordable. Together they bring out your home's best exterior features. Transform your paint brush into a magic wand with these simple tips!

When you drive up to your home do your eyes see eww or ahh? Come home to a place that looks just the way you always dreamed. Create property-value boosting eye appeal by using the perfect colour combinations of Beauti-Tone paint to capture your home's greatest exterior architectural assets.

When painting exterior features, the fixed assets of your home, the roof, brick, awnings etc., will be your guide. Take inspiration from the Exterior Colour Combinations from Beauti-Tone, to help you discover what works best for your home.

Consider the colour schemes of your neighborhood. Too much originality can make your home a landmark, and not in a good way.

Only perfect diamonds are flawless. Use colour to direct the eye to you home's best features. Emphasize attractive architectural features with a contrasting colour. Diminish flaws by painting them the same colour as the background.

When choosing colours, take it outside! Colours will appear much lighter outdoors so that is where you should be making your final choices.

Want to make your home your castle? Light colours will make a house look larger.

More minimalist? Your home will appear smaller and blend into the landscape if you choose dark colours.

Want an instant WOW with just a litre of paint? That's all it takes to transform your front door with a gorgeous colour that commands attention.

Your aluminum storm door should stop weather, not traffic. Instead of making it the centre of attention, make a strong colour statement by using Beauti-Tone latex Rust Coat to paint storm doors to match entry doors.

Speaking of attention seeking, don't let your garage door take top billing over your front door. If painted the same colour, your eye is drawn to the larger block of colour, the garage! Instead, try painting the garage doors in a similar colour as the surrounding exterior wall for a more cohesive look.