Why does the product need to be used within 1-2 hours after mixing the powder into the liquid?
The product's performance comes from the on-site reaction that happens when the powder and liquid are mixed in the spray tank. The product still works after the 2 hour time period but it is most effective during this time.

Why does the deck or patio need to be dry? Why do you not pre wet the surface?
If the deck is wet prior to using ACTIVOX it will dilute the product and make it less effective. You want a dry surface so that the product can use the oxygen cleaning action to remove contamination.

What are the best weather conditions to apply?
The product should be used early or later in the day when the sun is not directly on the deck or patio. It should not be used when the surface temperature is above 20°C (68°F) since this will cause the product to dry too quickly. The area needs to remain wet with the product for the 15 minutes of recommended contact time. If the area dries out, more product needs to be applied.

Why does it need to be applied with a vented sprayer?
The directions recommend the use of a vented sprayer since an oxygen reaction occurs when the powder component is mixed with the liquid cleaner. This patented technology is what makes this such an effective cleaner. The use of a vented sprayer allows the pressure in the tank to be released prior to opening the tank. Also the use of a sprayer makes application of the product easier and more consistent.

Why does the label say avoid contact with glass, wicker, bare aluminum and wool?
This warning is on the label because if the product was left on these surfaces for an extended period of time and not rinsed there is the possibility that the surface may be damaged. We recommend that if the product comes in contact with these substrates it is rinsed well.

Why do I need to scrub the surface with a broom?
This step is recommended to ensure that the product has good contact with the area to be cleaned. By using a stiff broom the product is forced into the uneven areas of walkways, flagstone or decks which allows more even cleaning.

What happens if the product dries on the area being cleaned?
It is important that this product is applied during cooler times of the day so that the product has time to react with the contamination and not dry on the substrate. You must keep the area wet with the ACTIVOX for at least 15 minutes. If it starts to dry, reapply to keep the surface wet but do not exceed recommended coverage rate. Do not apply in direct sunlight or when the surface temperature is above 20°C (68°F).

Why do I need to mix the powder in the liquid for 5 minutes?
This amount of time is needed to completely dissolve the powder and ensure optimal performance. If it is not completely mixed you will see the powder deposited at the bottom of the sprayer.

Can the product be used on previously stained or painted surfaces?
It is recommended to try the product on an inconspicuous area before applying to coated surfaces. Depending on the type and condition of the coating it may soften, lift or discolour the coating.

Can it be used on composite wood?
Consumers need to be aware that there are many different grades of composite wood and they will all react differently depending on composition of the boards, contamination on deck, age and coatings applied. We strongly recommend that the product is tested in a small inconspicuous area before proceeding to check for colour fastness. Some composite have wood fibres in them and others are extruded plastics. All composites fade in colour with age and there have been concerns in the past that you can get boards that the colour fades inconsistently. If the composite has been sealed this sealer must be removed prior to cleaning with ACTIVOX. ACTIVOX should only be used when the deck is extremely dirty with heavy algae or mildew growth. For general cleaning Natura Safe Prep, Natura Mildew Off or Home TSP Plus would be more suitable and economical.

Can the deck be sealed or stained after using ACTIVOX? Does it need to be neutralized like other cleaners?
The deck or patio does not need to be neutralized. The chemical reaction that happens with the cleaner causes it to break down to water and oxygen. Just ensure the area that has been cleaned has been rinsed well to remove any residue. Stain or other coatings can then be applied, after the appropriate drying time, following the manufacturer's directions.

My wood deck is still grey after application of ACTIVOX?
It may mean that not enough product was applied or the instructions for 15 minute wait time and brushing with stiff broom or brush were not done. For heavily contaminated surfaces a second application may be necessary with longer wait times. To alleviate this reapply following directions.

How do I know if there is a previous coating on the deck or patio?
It is easy to determine if a deck has been stained or painted but it is harder to determine if a clear coating is on the deck or patio. The easiest way to determine this is to do the water bead test. Spray an area with water and if it beads up there is a coating that will need to be removed. This can be done using Natura Safe Strip. If the water penetrates into the substrate there is no coating.

Will ACTIVOX remove mill glaze on wood?

Can I use this product around a pool or on dock at the lake?
Since this product breaks down to water and oxygen once the cleaning reaction is complete it is safe to use around pools or on docks following label directions.

Will ACTIVOX remove my paint or stain from my deck or fence?
ACTIVOX is not a stripper. It can remove some paints or stains if they are not sound and peeling but this is not what the product is to be used for. It is to be used to remove algae, mold and mildew contamination not the coating.

How does ACTIVOX continue to clean after it has been applied?
Certain stains, like algae, may take a day or two for the undesirable colour to completely dissipate after the initial oxygen-activated reaction. Post treatment precipitation/drying/repeating actually prolongs the clean appearance of the wood or concrete due to the rinsing action of the natural silicates.

Will ACTIVOX prevent mold, mildew and algae once it has been cleaned?
The residual mineral species left by ACTIVOX make the surface unfavourable for mold/algae/mildew regrowth. If properly coated after treatment the substrate will have the appearance of continuous cleaning for 3-12 months longer.

Why would I use ACTIVOX when there are cheaper deck and patio cleaners?
ACTIVOX is a much more powerful cleaner for tough jobs like algae, mold and mildew removal. It is also excellent to clean up greyed weathered wood but greyed wood can also be cleaned with Wood Shield Wood Restorer (oxalic acid) or Natura Wood Prep which are more reasonably priced and do not require a sprayer.

Why does the MSDS not disclose the ingredients?
We have registered our MSDS with HMRIA (Hazardous Material Information Review Act) as this is developed with proprietary ingredients. Our MSDS has been reviewed by government toxicologists to ensure that we are alerting customers to all hazards. The labelling under CCCR is also showing all hazards. The liquid is an eye irritant and the powder is corrosive. When the two are blended the overall mixture is not regulated and the end pH is around 10 and non-corrosive. The use of generic chemical names is used on the MSDS under a proprietary exemption number issued through Health Canada. This is being done to ensure that our patented formulation is not being disclosed. The MSDS do provide consumers with all the safety and handling recommendations for both the powder and liquid products.

There are other oxygen based cleaners on the market that are cheaper. Why should I use ACTIVOX?
Other oxygen products are based solely on Hydrogen peroxide or Sodium percarbonate (Oxy Clean type products). These products will provide some cleaning benefits but the reason ACTIVOX outperforms these type of cleaners is because of the patented 2 part system of adding the powders to the liquid for an on-site oxygen activated cleaning. This is what makes ACTIVOX truly unique.