table talk

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Table Talk

Table Talk

Create this conversation piece by enlarging the stencil that was used in the room.

Small amount of green, yellow, white, orange latex paint.

  1. Enlarge the stencil on the photocopier 150% to measure 18" in diameter.

  2. Trace the pattern on plywood and cut out with a skill or jigsaw. Sand edges.

  3. Cut a 5 1/2" circle from the 1 1/2" pine. Sand smooth. Drill a 1" hole with a spade bit in the middle to insert doweling into. Nail and glue wooden circle to the bottom and center of table.

  4. Cut dowel to 19" in length. Insert in hole underneath the table and glue in place.

  5. Mix concrete to fill clay pot 3/4 full. Insert the doweling. Top cement with decorative stones or pebbles. Ensure tabletop is level and position in place and allow the cement to set.

  6. Paint the base colour of daisy flower and stem. Let dry.

  7. On photocopier, enlarge the daisy petal detail to match table size. Trace details on table top with carbon paper. Paint with a small artist's brush.

2020-182 Wood Glue, 1214-162 1" Spade Bit, 1268-130 Jigsaw, 1240-053 Drill, 1030-565 Hammer, 2622-157 Cement, 8212-533 Small Artist Brushes, 5093-542 Small Pebbles (to go on top of the cement), 1 piece of 1 1/2" Pine 5 1/2" square Carbon Paper
Sandpaper, 1 piece of 1/2" Plywood 18" square, 2' of 1" Doweling, 8" Clay Pot (5059-688)

Table Talk