What's Your Colour Personality?

1. What's your fave Season?

a. Spring. The cherry blossoms and tulips are in full bloom, and everything is turning green.
b. Summer. It doesn't get any better than long sunny days and trips to the beach.
c. Fall. The nights are getting colder, and the leaves are shades of deep red, burnt orange and brilliant yellow.
d. Winter. The world is covered in a blanket of snow, and everything is calm and peaceful.

2. What's your fave flower?

a. Roses. I like to keep it romantic and classic.
b. A branch of flowering apple. I don't like anything too girlie.
c. A mixed bouquet. I'm all about the formal arrangement.
d. Wildflowers. I want my flowers to look like they've been picked from the side of a country road.

3. You never leave home without:

a. Stilettos and pearls.
b. Waxed-cotton backpack and book.
c. Hermès Birkin bag and scarf.
d. Canvas tote and camera.

4. Your fave getaway is:

a. A Parisian escape with stops in all the galleries and time for shopping.
b. Slipping a canoe into a lake in Northern Quebec and getting back to nature.
c. Jetting off to England to explore stately country homes and pick up antiques.
d. Exploring the markets and streets in San Francisco with camera in hand.

5. Finish this sentence: My decorating style is...

a. Feminine with some modern glamour.
b. Classic with a handsome twist.
c. Timeless with a love of fine details.
d. Free-spirited with an eye for flea market finds.

6. What blanket would you put at the end of your bed?

a. A pink floral coverlet.
b. A classic Hudson's Bay point blanket.
c. A cashmere throw with a subtle herringbone pattern.
d. A quilt handed down through the generations.

7. If you could splurge on one item what would it be?

a. A statement chandelier.
b. A leather chair.
c. A piece of art.
d. A collection of vintage plates.

8. When adding accents to your home you tend to buy:

a. Lucite. It's simple and modern and works with everything.
b. Wood. I love adding a natural element.
c. Brass. I love the touch of sophistication it adds.
d. Anything old. The more patina the better. I like adding objects that tell a story



If you chose primarily "A"
You like modern silhouettes but with a touch of glamour. Embrace luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk for pillows and curtains but stick to clean lines and streamlined shapes for your furniture. Check out our Romantic Modern paint collection.



If you chose primarily "B"
You like an outdoorsy tailored look. Leather, wool and canvas are your go-to materials and you tend to fill your home with objects from your travels. Think weathered-brass accents, hide rugs on the floor. Check out our New Heritage paint collection.



If you chose primarily "C"
You like indulging in everyday luxury. Plush fabrics, timeless silhouettes, antiques and art combine to create a polished look. Check out our Uptown Elegance paint collection.



If you chose primarily "D"
You like an artful blend of flea market finds and one-of-a-kind pieces. Friends describe your place as casual and comfortable and are always asking where you found your latest treasure. Check out our Vintage Prairie paint collection.