patriotic panache


Patriotic Panache

Patriotic PanacheShow your pride for our great country with this DIY flag pillow.

What You'll Need

  • canvas drop sheet 1643-379
  • transparency film 
 (available at office supply stores)
  • hobby knife 1033-410
  • stencil brush 1610-344
  • painter's tape 1670-011
  • Designer Series Matte paint in Shaker Red CC004-3
Here's How
  • Cut two pieces from the canvas cloth to the desired size of pillow, adding a seam allowance.Download template
  • Print a maple leaf stencil to suit the size of your pillow.
  • Cut the leaf stencil from the transparency film using a hobby knife.
  • Stencil the maple leaf design in the middle of the pillow using a stencil brush and paint. Use the dry brush technique when stencilling for best results.
  • Mask off the borders (approx. 11.5 cm) with painter's tape. Stencil the borders.
  • Sew the pillow together leaving a small opening. Turn right side out, and stuff with polyester filling. Slip stitch the opening closed.