garden delight

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Garden Delight

Delight your senses with the magic of fairies dancing across your walls. Envision your walls as a huge blank canvas, allowing you to create masterpieces for children that reflect their unique personalities.

Creating wonderful images on the walls is easy, whether an inspirational saying or beautiful pictures complementing the theme.

The saying in our room is:
"Always invite fairies into your garden...they stir your imagination and thoughts...they have tea on the laps of pansies and naps on the tongues of foxgloves...Ah, how they delight the senses" ...Author Unknown

Beauti-Tone Paint Colours:
Base Coat: 3152 Enchantress
Lettering: 4J3-5
Stencil Colour: 4K1-7

Fairy Shadow Stencil 1682-334, Artist Brush 8212-533, Foam Plates 6460-402, Stencil Brush, Roller Kit 1656-489, Carbon Paper, Enlarged Letters

Garden Delight
Gardens Delight
Gardens Delight