circular graphic


Circular Graphic

Paint wall base colour. Cut a string 1/2 the length of the desired diameter of the circle. Tie a pencil to one end and tack in place at centre position of the circle. Outline circle with pencil. Next take a level and draw rectangles and a square through the circle, around the circle and different size rectangles on one side of the big rectangle. Create a half circle in the corner with the string, pencil method. Then tape off all squares that are dark blue and paint. Next tape off all orange squares and paint. If required use a small artist's brush to smooth the circle lines out.

Beauti-Tone Paint Colours :
Base Coat: 2J3-7
Accent: 4R2-8, 1Q1-6

1844-280/299 Beauti-Tone Glazing Liquid, 1656-504 Roller Kit, 1670-784 Tape, 5743-305 Pencil, 1036-177 Level, 1048-011 Straight Edge, 1612- Small Artist Brush, String