best in class


Best in Class

A tribute to your best friend.  Create a whimsical room by theming it around the family pet.

We framed the border with dog biscuits, adhering them to the wall with a hot glue gun. The lower part of the wall was treated with dragging. Mix stripe colour with 2 parts glaze to 1 part paint and roll on every alternate stripe. Drag the steel wool through paint mixture vertically, then very lightly horizontally, repeat the vertical dragging with a lighter touch. Continue around the room only painting and dragging one stripe at a time. Note: When paint builds up on the steel wool, replace with a new piece to provide a uniform look.

The top of the wall was scattered with a puppy paw motif.

Best in Class

Accessorize the room by displaying your minor's major masterpieces. Simply glue clothespins with epoxy glue to a board and paint as desired.

Beauti-Tone Paint Colours:
Base Coat: W017
Stripes: 2C3-8

Paw Print:

1656-504 Roller Kit, 1824280/299 Beauti-Tone Glaze, 1665-077 Course Steel Wool, 1670-793 Painters Tape, 1656-407 Foam Roller Kit, Border, Dog Biscuits

Best in Class
Best in Class