ballerina stool

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Ballerina Stool

Ballerina Stool

This easy to make stool is donned in a colourful ballerina tutu adding a sense of whimsy.

  1. Cut the 4 pieces of frame, 2 @ 24" and 2 @ 12 1/2".  Lap the longer sides over the shorter ones and glue and nail together.

  2. The legs are cut from 4 x 15 1/2" lengths of 4" x 4" spruce. To taper the leg, mark 3 1/2" down from the top. On a table saw make a diagonal cut 3/4" at base to the 3 1/2" line mark. Repeat on other 3 sides.

  3. Cut out the plywood top to be 14" x 24". Glue and nail into place. Place the appropriate amount Ballerina Stoolof polyester stuffing on top of stool (approx. 1 to 2 lbs.)  Drape quilt batting over the stuffing, pull taut and staple to bottom edge of stool.

  4. Drape your fabric over the top, then hold the sides and flip it over. Ensure that the stuffing has not shifted. Staple in place by folding one straight edge and then staple every 1", keeping the fabric snug. Next staple the opposite side, starting from the same corner and using moderate tension to tighten the fabric. Repeat for the remaining two sides, then fold and staple down the corners. Glue decorative trim around base to hide staples.

  5. Cut crinoline 3 layers thick and 3 times fullness. Staple and gather the crinoline to the bottom inner edge of the stool.

  6. Attach the legs by gluing tops and sides and screw in diagonally through leg into sides of stool. Screw finial to the bottom of leg. Paint as desired. We painted polka dots on the finials by dipping the end of an artist's brush in a contrasting colour and dabbing on the surface.

The vanity table legs were created the same way as the stool but cut at table height of 30". A simple box was created for the table. Attach the legs to the top as in the stool and paint as desired.

2611-490 4 Acorn Fence Finials, 2134-014 Finishing Nails, 2020-495 Wood Glue, 1072-172 Staple Gun, 1072-920 Staples, 1038-228 Mitre Box, 1062-049 Mitre Saw, 1 piece of Plywood, 1/2" measuring 14" x 24", 8' of 1" x 4" Pine, 8' of 4" x 4" Spruce.

2 lbs. of Polyester Stuffing, 1 lb. of Quilt Batting, co-coordinating Decorative Trim