ballerina princess

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Ballerina Princess

From ballet slippers to in-line skates, this little princess needs a colourful corner to escape and dream.

  1. Paint the walls with the desired base colour. Let dry 24 hours before using
    the colour washing technique.
  2. Mix a 50/50 paint and glaze mixture.
  3. Dampen rag with water and dip into paint mixture. With a large circular
    motion, apply mixture to walls. Continue until the whole area is completed.

Stand back and view the area that you are colour washing at intervals, to
make sure there is a consistent look on the walls.

Using a contrasting colour and a foam stamp, apply the motif at
random on the walls. The motif we chose and show is of ballet slippers.

Beauti-Tone Paint Colours:
Base Coat: 1027 Capulet
Colour Washing: 1026 Jacaranda
Ballet slippers: 1025 Catherine

Lint Free Rag 1610-867, Beauti-Tone Glazing Liquid 1844-280/299, Ballet
Slippers Stamp 1682-842.