accent your sleep


Accent Your Sleep

Complete an elegant bedroom ensemble by adding a simple, custom bench to the foot of your bed.

Shopping List:

  • 12 Linear Feet - 2" x 4" SPF Dimension Lumber
  • Qty 1 - 4' x 8' 1/2" Standard Spruce Plywood
  • 2374-326 4 Pack 8" Furniture Legs
  • Carpenters Glue

Here's How:

  1. Cut your 2" x 4" lumber into the following lengths - (2x) 58" & (2x) 12"
  2. Cut a 56 ½" x 12" piece out of your plywood sheet; some Home stores will have a selection of smaller size plywood sheets, if you're able to find one that accommodates this dimension you'll be left with less waste.
  3. Download TemplateTo create a frame from the 2"x 4" pieces, you'll need to cut a rebate into each end of each piece. Mark or scribe a line down the middle of each end (dividing the 1 ½" width in two), as well as ¾" in from each end on one side of the board. Use a hand saw to cut out these ¾" x 3 ½" waste pieces.
  4. You'll need to do the same with the inside bottom of each piece to create a space for the plywood piece to recess into. Mark the boards like in the step above, but to remove these pieces it's best to run them through a table saw.
  5. Now the pieces are ready to be framed together; apply a skim coat of glue to both sides of the inside of your bottom rebate, as well as into the rebate on each end and place the piece on one side of the plywood sheet. Do this with every piece until the frame is formed then clamp and apply a weight to the top. For extra durability, you can also use a nail gun or appropriate length wood screws to reinforce joints.
  6. Once dry, flip over and screw in the furniture leg mounting plates and screw the legs into those. You can finish the bench with paint, stain or even leave raw. We applied a couple coats of poly to seal and protect.
  7. The final step is to make a cushion for the bench - find a fabric that complements your room's décor and sew it into a slip cover for a foam or stuffing filling.